All lines follow the same route between Rona in the east and Trekanten in the west. M1 follows Vågsbygdveien to/from Flekkeøy, and M2 runs via Vågsbygd senter.

M1 Sørlandsparken – Kvadraturen – Flekkerøy
This service runs 6 days a week. In the evenings and on Sundays, there is a local service for Flekkerøy with transfer to M2 at Møvig school. The M1 service is coordinated with the 01 service Kvadraturen - Lund - Sørlandsparken. The 01 service is in operation also on Sundays in the summer season (in 2006 between 19 June and 20 August).

M2 Hånes – Kvadraturen – Voiebyen
In the evenings and on Sundays, the M2 also serves Flekkerøy with transfer to the local Flekkerøy bus service at Møvig school.  

M3 and M4 Slettheia – Kvadraturen – Søm
Both lines run via Rona to/from Søm, with good eastbound connections. The M3 and M4 run in opposite directions in Vardåsveien in the Søm area. In the Slettheia area, all lines follow the same route, and most of them start and end by Vågsbygd Church.

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